About Us

Rushmore Service Center is a nationally licensed collection agency providing collection and recovery services to a wide variety of businesses and industries.  We’re dedicated to delivering superior performance, outstanding regulatory compliance, and building strong customer relationships while serving not only our clients but our community.


Rushmore Service Center has the financial strength, technological infrastructure and management experience to successfully perform on your behalf.  We’ve also built an incredible team of high caliber associates.  By nurturing ideas from our employees and by utilizing a broad range of resources, we continuously improve our ability to adapt to an ever-changing industry.


It’s exciting to look at our opportunities for the future while continuously seeking ways to strengthen our already sound business.  We strive to achieve success for our clients, customers and the Rushmore Service Center team.


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Miles Beacom, CEO
and the Rushmore Service Center Team



3820 N. Louise Ave.

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Office: 605.333.6299

Fax: 605.333.6180